Tutorial for elliptical motion paths

I’m having trouble creating a simple circular or elliptical motion path. Something really basic, like the path of an Atom, in 3D space so that the object will circulate in depth.

I haven’t got the grasp from the Guide of how to shape paths. My bad, I guess, but I can’t seem to add Control Points no matter how I try.

Is there a way to draw a path or model it with Bezier handles?

I also searched the Forum, but without success.


Open the Layer Properties Panel of your drawing layer and check 3D Path…

If you like, here is a short video demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly easy and self-explanatory)

To create Motion Points: mouse-over the motion-path, then hit the P-key…


Nice. Thanks for this.

Thank you so much Nolan, that was very clear and extremely helpful!
thanks again,