Tutorial Art Files are Missing

Hi, I recently downloaded the 30-day trial version of Toon Boom Studio 5. I also downloaded the zip files containing artwork for the Tutorial from the Quick Start Tutorial for Toon Boom Studio and Express. However, no artwork is in these files. I’ve tried it twice with the same results. How can I get the correct files for the tutorial?

If these aren’t available, is there another place I can find a tutorial to get me started?


Well, log-in at the Toon Boom Website / eLearning / Tutorials / Download the
“Quick Start Tutorial Guide (PDF)” and the “Quick Start Tutorial Sample Material (ZIP)” /
Unzip that file / This folder contains all the Lessons (7), Artwork and Scene-files you need /

Open Studio / go to File / Open and navigate to that folder / choose the lesson and open
e.g “Drawing_Rough” / select “Drawing_Rough.tbp” / click open and start the first lesson…


As I mentioned, I already attempted to download the art files twice. I tried again today, but had the same result. An error message reads: "The file rough-oldman-1 is related to a drawing and could not be found. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted.

I can only conclude that Toon Boom does not allow people to have access to the artwork for the 30-day trial software, which is not a great idea, since it would be the ideal way to try out the program.

Thanks anyway