Tutorial 2.1 Y is Mine Diff?

I am going back through these tutorials and noticed that Lilly’s screen and mine do not “do” the same. IGE: Lesson 2.1 at time marker 6:50
“While using the default view and drawing along, when switching from Drawing View to Camera View. In hers it is suppose to mask or shade the layers I do not have selected. In this case mine UI does not do that when switching from Background or Figure as used in the tutorial. both layers are clear as though both are being worked on”. This is while I have selected the “fill” tool. When her monitor shows a definite shading.
Furthermore, I was not even able to switch the fill color?
Am I missing something here? Is there a “preference” that needs addressing?


Hi simonS

To get the “milky” look on the not selected layers in Camera View you have to activate the Light Table as the video mention.
When you work in Drawing View only the drawing you work on show. But if you activate the Light Table you will see the other layers in a similar way.

Best regards

Thank you I must have missed the part where Lilly says to turn light table on.