Turntable in Mac??? Export Images???


I’m thinking about buying Toon Boom Studio. I’ve been playing with the evaluation version to see if I like it. I DO… but… there’s a couple things bothering me (I’m sure there’ll be more to come but for now these two are niggling at me):

1) When I hit Control & the Apple key to bring up the Turntable (to make it easier to turn the drawing for nice linework, etc), as soon as I touch my pen to the tablet the Control commands come up and the turntable disappears!!! Ie. the Control part of the combination is over-riding the turntable tool. How can I get around this? ???

2) This is probably easily solved but how do I make a JPG or TARGA file from a frame in the Drawing View. I know you can export to an Image Sequence but when I’ve tried that it doesn’t work (though this may be an evaluation version limitation). Also, WHAT image sequence type does it export to? Or how do you set it to export to, say, TARGA files?

I’m sure both these questions are easily answered but, as I’m a newbie to this program, I’m stumped.

Help would be appreciated.

Thanks kindly,


  1. frankly saying, i don’t see a point in posting the same question twice in such a small forum.
    2. rotating table issue on a mac has been addressed many times here. either you look for it or you might specify your system properties for a better answer.
    3. you can export almost any popular format (including lossless tga, tif, sgi, and png). i’m not on a mac, so i can’t say if there are any export problems, though. a pop-up window with image options opens after ‘export’ click.


1) This issue has been reported and fixed in the 3.070 updated build for Mac OS X. Unfortunately it’s still part of the Trial version.

2) You have full control on your export file format, Select File => Export Movie. Then select “Image sequence” in the Export Format box and just under in the Settings box, select “Custom” instead of “Default” or “most recent”.

Click export and a new window will open with the file format settings. You can even click options for more options on the depth, quality etc.