Turning off green and red camera moves when exporting bitmaps

Hello all,I am searching for a way to turn off the green and red lines that indicate camera moves when I export storyboards as bitmaps. When I export the individual frame, there are no lines, but it only exports the area in the black frame box, not the full image.I’m handing the exported bitmaps to the editor cutting the leica, so they will be adding the animation into the finished edit.If this is possible, please let me know how to do it. If not, I would like to suggest it as a very useful option to include in the next version. Thanks,Bob

Hi Bob- the purpose of the export to bitmap is to copy the panel as is.What you want to do so you don’t see the lines is to go to:File -Export to movie -and next to movie format, select image sequencesTry it - I think it’s what you’re looking 4.Romi 8)

Hi Romi,I tried doing that, but it’s not really giving the results that I’m looking for. When you export the movie as an image sequence, it exports every second as 24 frames, but each frame is constrained within the black box of the frame. This locks the shot in at the pacing set in Storyboard Pro.What I would like ideally is something that would export a full-sized jpeg that is not constrained to any image size - that way the editor can experiment with different pan and zoom speeds when cutting the leica. If you know of any way to do that, I’d love to know it!

Hi again - did you try: file, export current image??romi

Hi Romi,I did try that, but unfortunately export current image only exports the portion of the image that is displayed within the black frame. If you have a wide scene that you’re going to pan through, it chops off the rest of it.

Hi - did you go to Storyboard - properties and select HDTV before export current image? -romi

Hi Romi,I’m petty sure that HDTV was the setting in the properties, but in any case, the “export current image” is not really a good option. Most of the boards we’re dealing with are 900 panels, so going through and individually exporting every scene that has a camera move isn’t an option.Thanks for your suggestions though, I’ll let you know if I discover a method to do it.Bob

Ok- but I think if you are in HDTV and go to File -Export to movie -and next to movie format, select image sequences, you will be setlet me know how you make out Bobthanks - romi

If you export to PSD you will have the camera frames as a seperate layer that you can delete. I know that it’s a bit more work but you could maybe do that and create a sript in Photoshop to delete that layer and then save as a .jpeg after.I saw a feature request for a way to output without the camera information.

Has this feature request been addressed? I am currently looking how to export PDF’s without the camera lines.

This worked for me:1. File > export > bitmap2. Chose file type3. Uncheck export camera frame