Turning a straight line into a curved line

I love turning straight lines into curved lines :slight_smile: It is one of my most used tools. However you have to grab the very centre of the line sometimes.

Does anyone know how or if you can change the setting to be a little more forgiving. With short lines I often have to zoom right in or resort to using the beizer handles?

please help me ;D

I don’t know if there is a way to change the setting but I usually just select the end node hold down Alt and drag. The line must really be short for the other method–pulling from the middle–not to work.

It isn’t that short, which is why it annoys me. It still works I just have to grab the middle or zoom in more. I often like to work with the whole drawing on the screen. It is big enough on the screen for me to comfortably work it.

It is very frustrating!

Hi The Raider

Steve Mason put up this tip on YouTube last winter.
Maybe it is the trick you are searching. Here is the link:


Best regards