Turnaround views + naming

I am curious what views people are using in their cutouts.

Everyone has

Front/Side and most have Back.

Then you have the interesting ones 3/4 view.

Who does 1 between front and side and who does 2?

Personally I do 2 for the heads and 1 for the body. I am considering adding an extra body view but I don’t know how usefull it will be (especially since I mainly use camera cuts to change view in body).

Anyway just curious to see what people are doing and seeing if i can improve mine based upon some others?

I am also looking to get a good naming convention going so interested if anyone has one or a link to a page about it.

These are the views I usually make. the 3/4 ( rear specially) is always a pain in the Arse.


Naming convention, not as important to me as it was in flash, because of the way Animate sets things up, but usually it is just Charcter charactername_Left_or_right_body_part.

In flash I would have to make the front view ending in a letter suffix for each view.

So any symbol/body parts for front view would look like this


for 3/4 it would be B and so on. I think I might do something similar in Animate when I make individual symbols of the views, but again in Animate it is not really a big deal to me.

3/4 is also the most important view :slight_smile:

I do the same as AlexF.
Both in design and in naming.


I take it you too are a pupil of Ryan from Cartoon Solutions? :wink:

I think it is really important to have 2 3/4 views for the head mostly.

I am still considering the body. The main reason i am thinking of not is I can’t really see me actually turning the character around(but you often turn the head).

Hi AlexF!
I’d like to have studied in official courses of cartoon, but I never did courses.
I have learnt alone the little that I know by reading books, seeing videos, sites etc.
Not to mention that I never studied formally, a too long time ago I did 3 months of artistic design and advertising. Nothing too deep.

I’m with you Raider. I always do two 3/4 heads, the first head just slightly turned so both ears are still visible, and then the second head so that only one ear can be seen. I do this for both front, and back views. I find that this gives you a lot more flexibility when animating.

I only do one 3/4 view for the body. If I need a really extreme pose that I just can’t achieve with cutout I redraw a new body for that sequence of images. I kinda mix frame-by-frame and cut-out in my animation.

lets add to this

who creates just the right side and uses “flip” when animating when they need the left side or who duplicates all the drawings for the left side?

Using frame by frame when cutout can’t do what you want is a good way to go. It gives your flexibility to make your character do unusual poses while at the same time giving you the speed benfits of cutout.

For the character I’m working on at the moment I’ve drawn both sides. His hair is messy and has a part on the left-hand side so left and right views look really different from one another. WHY I’ve done this to myself I don’t know, because it’s a lot more work but I’m pretty happy with how it’s looking so far.

For characters who are symmetrical I reckon I’ll be flipping.

Why? why!? I’lle tell you why! Cause Deep down inside you love the challenge! You want to push yourself! You don’t want to do this if it’s too easy! you want your vision fullfilled! You will not take no for an answer! You want to be like that guy on TV sweating Gatorade! You are, you are …

… CRAZY! I would have just flipped the head Horizontally and kept my sanity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding man, the important thing is that you are happy with the character and going that extra mile makes a big difference. Of course, I always pray noone notices things like that on my characters. If they do, I just tell them, “my production schedule won’t allow me to do that, I’m on cleanup now”, or “that’s how THEY wanted it”.

I know there is no They, there is only me, but they dont know that.

WOW! It’s like you totally know me Alex! Most people call me anal and a control freak but I like what you said way better ;D

ps. I do want to be like the gatorade guy, but I’ll be the female version and I’ll be sweating coffee instead…

Ooops, Didn’t realize you where female. Sowy. :-[

Coffee? That might have your eyeballs going like this → :o
LOL, but hey whatever works right?

I might need some coffee myself cause for some reason I cannot draw anything today, not even a nose hair today. So I will not go to sleep until I draw the perfect nose hair.