Turnaround rig kinematic output issue

Hi guys,

I know my attached file still needs a lot of work in a few areas (still very self conscious about posting even the bit I have done), but I am struggling to figure out how to create a kinematic output for a turnaround rig and have to put aside my complex. The help files, especially around the karate rabbit, refer to harmony 11 I think when it says to click on “create kinematic output”, and I think I am missing some key point to transfer this step into harmony 12. I thought I would make sure I could rig my char with deformers so it works correctly before creating all the poses.

My issues are at present - just using arm1 as example.
a - I can only get it working for one rig at a time e.g. for arm 1, I can set up kinematic output so that sleeve moves with arm for one pose, but I can’t make it work with the other pose unless I change my deformation composite to rightmost, and vice versa. (There must be a way where it would work with both poses without having to make changes each time, otherwise I would think it would be time consuming when setting up templates and pretty much defeat the purpose of setting up turnaround rig).
b - when I deform my arm, the sleeve will not stay on the shoulder.
c - I do not think the kinematic output on arm 1 is supposed to be under transformation switch, but its the only place I could find so that the hand was not deformed and acted as kinematic output when animating.

Any help would be SUPER. I am still very amateur with knowledge around how this works.


Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.39.40 pm.png

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.39.59 pm.png

Thanks for your reply Kerry. It may not give me a solution but there is some consolation in knowing that others are having same problem.