Turn on Advanced Art in TB Pro


i am working with the Toon Boom Book from Adam Phillips.
on Page 156 it says I need to turn on Advanced Art Mode since it’s not enabled by default in my Harmony Pro.

So i go to edit -preferences - general tab and there is no Advanced Mode Box to check.

What should I do to enable it?
Or am I really overseeing something the whole time? :slight_smile:

I can’t continue working without this LINE ART Button on/off there is No Line Art Button…and no OCLU Layers :confused:

With right click i can switch to Color Art but there is no Line Art Option.


Your image is showing the General tab. The Support Overlay and Underlay Arts option is enabled under the Advanced tab.

Changed the picture in the 1st post now.
But still with all that selected there is still not that Line Art Button :confused:

If the current Workspace does not have the layer icons displayed, go to Windows / Toolbars / Art Layer

Note also that Toon Boom redesigned to icons for Harmony 12 and they do not match what is shown in the book you are reading.

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