turn image black

im trying to do a color transition, and i want to make the whole image black.

ive tried a scolor transformation efect but y cant get the image to get completly black; some bright tones stay

is there any way to do this?
and if its done with a color transformation can someone please
write me the values?

thanx in advance

We probably need some more information here. Are you working with image elements or drawing elements? Are you trying to do a fade to black effect or a silhouette effect? Depending on what you are trying to do we can then make some suggestions. So tell us more about what you are trying to accomplish cinematically.-JK


If it is a transition to black you wan to to try the following:


The transition to black is in the Using Color Transform Effect section.

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now i think theres something wrong with my pc :-<br />im trying to do a fading in black transition to change scenes
i have tried the tutorial on ugos link but the black image i used
stays black even after puting the alpha value on 0
i made all kind of 0 to 1 alpha value color transforms but the image
remains black. my last atemp was

r 1 r 1
g 1 g 1
b 1 b 1
a 0 to a 1

but nothing… image IS atached to the peg and it Is in front of
everything… i dont know waths wrong :S
hope you can help me out with this or, if someone knows a way to
do the transition i would be gratefull to hear it

thanx for your time


Have you tried to download the sample material. You can do some test with it to see if it works. Basically if you do not see any of the transition working then there might be something wrong. The fade should be the last scene of the project.

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it actualy got worse :S
the sample transition does not work…the “background” image is al white all the time, and las time i imported a black image it turn out grey :S

its a all black png image (also a jpeg)
im using windows xp sp2
toon boom 3.0

well i made progres now.
i was able to do a transition with a blask image made within toon boom. still im having trouble to completly fade in or out any image imported.

ive tried with jpeg and png and im getting no results.
the alpha value doesnt completly fade the figure…

thanks for your time

thanx for your help i have figured out the problem.
the preview for some reason doesnt show the transformation
but when i export the movie the problem is gone.
probably my configuration with quicktime.
anyways thanx again.

This link no longer works:


I’d like to open a dark scene (background jpg IMAGE) and have it gradually lighten.

Would the best way to accomplish this be to do a color transform and adjust the B slider (brightness)?

H hue
S saturation
B brightness



Hi Paz,

Try this link instead:


The location of the page changed when the site was updated but this is its new llocation. I guess the best way to get a full back would be to simply put all of the RGB channels to 0 and have them back to 1 at the end. In any case you should be able to do what you are looking for by following the article instructions.

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Thank you for the correct link, Ugo.

Fade to Black in reverse is exactly what I’m looking for!