turn around character animation !

like this http://onelani.deviantart.com/ look at the mini dancing clip , how the girls characters are revolviing , i think this has been made in flash …

how can i make this kind of turnaround character animation , are these additional character sketches have been used , or the technique of squash/skew used here ? actaully i want to know the approach of this type of 3d look animation …

i was talking about these animations



Some of the movement seen here was most likely done using shape tweening also called morphing. My friend Chris Georgenes has some excellent articles describing this technique on his KEYFRAMER website This technique can be done in either Flash or TBSolo.

The turn around it self is just plain old drawing. You have to draw the character from various perspectives as you turn a 2D drawing in a 360 degree rotation. Some things just fall back on the traditional skills of drawing and aren’t computer assisted…sorry. The arm movements require the use of foreshortening which is a type of perspective drawing also.

Actually the entire animation could be totally hand drawn, but as I stated the hair and clothing movement is usually done using shape tweening (morphing) and is surprisingly easy to do. Check out the tutorial Chris did on his Hula Dancer as it shows the basic technique. -JK

hi JK
wow thanksalot for the key framer site link , why didn’t u tell me before :smiley: , ur friend has put some amazing video conferenences …whyshould we do this kind of online activities , toon boom team should also organize online seminars …anyway thanks once again for sharing this .

i watched both video clips …boy character designing and animating and other that hula girl animation …
about that boy character animation …i am wondering how he smoothly animate eye blinking …i want to do that smooth blinking with my own character …is it motion tweening?

hula girl has simple shape tweening but very complex motion tweening …its very hard to do this kind of animation for me :smiley: