Tune Boom Studio 7.1 crashes

When exporting movie using win7 64 bit PC to .mov file H264 highest quality 1280 720 Toon Boom Studio 7.1 crashes. Same file using IMac version of Toon Boom Studio 7.1 export movie saves .mov file no problem? Any suggestions so I don’t have to use 2 computers to complete projects my main computer is the PC.

Set the keyframe options to keyframe all instead of “Automatic” or “Every X frames” for the movie options settings.

After trying all of the above and other suggestions with no success I used Win 7 compatibility check for program problems and it tested Windows Xp (Service Pack 2) compatibility mode to start Toon Boom Studio 7.1
Using the same project, that was crashing Toon Boom Studio while exporting to movie using normal Win 7 startup of program, I was able to export to movie no crash.
So their is an incompatibility issue in Toon Boom Studio code running in a Windows 7 64 bit computer unless u run it in xp mode. Their techies should be informed so they can patch the program.
Thanks for the help

I myself am running TBS V7.1 both at work and at home and can render just fine to the H.264 codec without having to resort to XP compatibility mode so this may have more to do with your graphic card than the software. Perhaps running in compatibility mode is somehow optimizing your system’s resources.

If you could email support your system details it may help to understand what specifically is happening on your system. (support@toonboom.com)