Tryng out ToonBoom for the first. encoutered a few problems already

I just started working with the trial version of ToonBoom Harmony 14. I was thinking of buying it the moment the trial expires, but right now I’ve encoutered a couple of problems that really frustrate.

  1. Whenever I hit ctrl-Z the cursor changes to the magnifying glass zool tool. The only way to get rid of it is to minimize the window and get it back up again.

  2. The hotkeys for brush and eraser are set to B and E, but only when I press those keys with the Alt key pressed on they work.

Am I doing something wrong or these are just bugs?

Thank you

Hello mikimation.

I’ll be happy to help you out with your questions.

  1. Could you provide me with some additionnal information for this one? Are you using a particular tool when you are getting the magnifying glass icon prior to pressing Ctrl + Z?
    Alt +Z is the default shortcut for activating the magnifying glass.

  2. When already using one of the drawing tools, pressing and holding down B or E will activate the brush and eraser respectively. You need to hold them down while you draw or erase for these to work. To switch to the tool entirely, Alt+B and Alt+E will work if you don’t want to hold down the key and quicly swap between tools. Just keep in mind that you have to be inside of any of the drawing tools from the toolbar for the quickswap (B, E, P and so on) to work.

Hope this helps! Awaiting more feedback from you for that first one.

Please do not hesitate to refer back to the forum in the future if you have further questions. : )