Trying to update TBS 6 to newest Version

Hey everyone, used TBS a long time ago in college and still have registry to it but I just got done downloading/installing and no update seemed available, automatic or otherwise. And the interface does indeed feel a bit clumsy and dated. v6.0, pirate theme, copyrighted 2010, etc.

Does anyone know how I can get the latest TBS version? My understanding is that there is no added cost for this. The latest is 8, right?

Thanks so much.

Thanks for the info, I’m sure $79 is a fair price but still, rats, haha

It is probably $79 to upgrade to 8.1 from 6 like it is from 7.

You go here

and select upgrade from previous version. The website knows what you have and will display your serial number with a check box. After selecting the check box a price will be displayed.

I recommend paying $20 more and upgrading to Harmony 12 Essentials for $99 which is basically Toon Boom Studio 9 but in the Harmony language using Harmony’s GUI. That is the direction Toon Boom is taking. Everything learned/gained can be applied to the higher levels of Harmony.