Trying to script an external process

Hi all, I’m trying to script a conform process that includes a series of steps. One of those steps is shooting a movie and then running an external python script on that movie.

I’ve been testing executing python from within a script, and am having a heck of a time getting it working.

The command i’m using works fine when running from a shell - however when I run it using Process2, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t return any errors - it just doesn’t execute anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions? here’s my code (the python script just prints “hiya” to a text file so I can see if it’s working):

cmd = “C:/Users/Jason/Miniconda3/python.exe “C:/Users/Jason/Nimble/Storyboard Pro/Scripting/tools/””


p1 = new Process2(cmd);


// print out some helpful results

MessageLog.trace("PID: ";




thank you!

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m looking to do something similar. I was using command prompt instead, though I could probably try python as well, since I’m equally unfamiliar with both =\

The code which you have given can be executed but you have to make some changes that need to be done and in the


p1 = new Process2(cmd); you have to do the parameter in the single leading argument. If required dell bios update is there to help.

Hey guys, did you figure it out on how to get any information back, from the Python File?

I am trying the following lines but none of them works for me,

Process::readLineStdout( )
Process::readStdout( )
Process::readyReadStdout( )