Trying to make a street building cycle but got problems with velocity...

Hi there !

I’m working on Harmony 15 for a TV show with a few shot of cars driving down the city streets… And one view in particular is giving me nightmare :

  • Frontal view, with building on each side of the road.

I’ve got about 10 different building, all drawn to match the perspective of the view. I’m not using the camera and trying to get a cycle by scaling the building down toward the horizon line, with the same pivot point placement for all of them, then make each building go back to starting point once they reached the horizon.

It was working almost fine with only the scaling but just almost : the speed didn’t feel right.

Buildings looks slower when they where big and faster the more they did go toward the horizon. It should be the reverse, so I’ve tried to adjust Velocity for each of them but it create gaps in-between the building. They don’t follow each other properly anymore.

I don’t really know how to adjust the Velocity to make it work.

Any suggestion or maybe another method that I could try ?

Thanks in advance. m(_ _)m

Can you share the film?
Then it could be easier to see how how it could be improved.

I’m under NDA so I can’t, but I will try to put a small sketch of what it’s like later this day.

I’ve tried to put each building on a 60 frames loop with Velocity time at 80 on the end Key. But some building have base larger than the other and they go out of synch.

I don’t know if I have to change exposure or velocity to properly correct it… :confused: