Trying to locate ToonBoom's 3D assets via website

Hi I noted on the video tutorial(approx 1.57min into the video) for Storyboard Pro 3D that it’s possible to download the pirate ship 3D asset as featured in the video.Where exactly would I be able to find this on Toon Boom’s website? I’ve looked in most areas but can’t seem to find it.Are there are any other assets Toon Boom can provide?I would be most grateful if someone could get back to me on this one.RegardsB :slight_smile:

Hi Lilly,many thanks for getting back to me.While I’m aware there are many sites offering 3D assets to download (in some cases free) it’s a nice gesture on the part of Toon Boom to offer some assets for first time users so that they can start playing with the 3D component of Pro 3D immediately. Enjoying the programme by the way and achieving some great results!Warm RegardsBenny UK ;D

The pirate ship can actually be downloaded from the Harmony section of the website. It’s an OSB file, which is a file format that can be imported into both Storyboard Pro 3D and Harmony.

I have made a note to have this added to the Storyboard Pro templates.


I’m glad you’re enjoying it!