Trying to find the limitations - rigging and updating

Alright…I think this is first post for me - a longtime user. I’ve been here since TB Studio…2? But never really have had the opportunity for a complex project. Well now that’s changed.

I’m finding myself being very cautious flushing out scenes (the edit decision list came out of Storyboard Pro and gave me something like 48 shots). We’ve got four characters. I’m dragging my heels on getting the character rigs into each shot and starting to animate because I still need to polish up the mouths on the side view or the hands on the 3/4 etc.

Am I wrong in assuming the following (I’m pretty sure I am but can’t find definitive answers):

  • Set the characters all up individually and then save them as templates in the template library.
  • Take them from the template library in the TBA file for each given shot and do what I need to do
  • If I need to edit the template it’ll edit anywhere I’ve used it?

That’s the part I wish to be true but fear it’s not. It’s true in all the print and motion graphic design work I do…using linked assets. Does Animate Pro work the same way? (Note I’ve upgraded to Harmony but this project was underway and I need to stick with what I know right now).

Do you get what I mean? Can anyone offer any wisdom?

Thank you.

Confused myself reading that so let me try it this way:

If I “Edit a Template” of the rigged character will it update in all the shots/files I’ve used that template in or just the current file? Are there limitations like do not add any extra frames or embedded animation?

Editing a template does not update/effect every stored project where the template has been used, only the currently open project file. You would need to drop the edited template into each project file to update them. Rename the template appropriately so you can tell which projects have different versions of the template.

Depending on specific edits to the template you could cause an assortment of problems where the changes would conflict with other elements in a project.

Thank you. I was optimistic but figured that was the reality. So in my case then there is no need to wait. If I’ve got everything I need rigged for one shot I might as well put it together and as I continue to build out the master rigged character I can just add more completed versions of the template to the library as incremental files.

Are there any referenced files that update where ever used? I’m now thinking colour palettes that have been linked to. I’ve been trying to keep them well organized too but is that for naught? Of course that one is an easy test for me to just try it…

Yes, if files are accessed by multiple projects through a shared folder.