Trying to figure out how to deal with overlap among individual layers in different composites

I have a rig for a character front view nearly complete, but I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out the best way to pull off the layer order for some particular parts.

I often use composites to connect and organize limbs in character rigs, so in this one’s case, I have a composite for each arm containing pegs and individual drawings for the top part connected to the shoulder, the forearm going down to the hand/glove, and the hand itself, complete with an auto-patch to connect the arm and forearm. The chest and torso are their own independent peg and layer.

What I’m hoping to do is make it so that the forearm and hand show up in front of the torso should those layers overlap, while the top arm drawing stays behind all three. I unfortunately haven’t been able to figure out a good way to do this without dismantling the arm composite and its accompanying auto-patch. For example, I tried nudging the forearm and hand’s Z-layers up a little, but this caused the patch’s visual effect to vanish.

What is an effective way to do this while restructuring my node and layer heirarchy as little as possible? I’ve attached images showing the default rig position, the two layers I want to be in front going behind the torso, and the current composite for the arm.