Trying to animate a walk cycle for the first time. What am I doing wrong?

I have experience doing walk cycles but this is the first proper time in toon boom (also with bone deformations). I set out the key poses: contact, down, pass, up and contact. Happy with the poses they all look great. Then when I put those key poses on their appropriate frame, the in between frames don’t look right.

When looking at the feet, (with the aim of having them stick to the floor as expected in a walk cycle) they sink slightly before correcting themselves at the keypose then they will pop upwards making it look far from smooth. I went into each frame and adjusted the global position of the character so that the positions of the feet matches their previous frames, which makes the feet smooth but then disrupts the flow of the character overall and gives a ‘vibrating’ effect.

Is their an easy way to correct this? Why do the frames in between seem to have a behaviour of their own? What could I be doing wrong?


Same thing happens to me, i have no idea how to fix it. So instead I cloned my feet layers and attached it to the top heirachy seperatly (normal leg connected to toe with overlay/line line layer, color/underlay connected to top peg). That way when i do the walking my body/legs walk as normal and i place the feet manually at the bottom positions so they are always grounded.

Thanks for the reply. I just manually moved the legs and feet for each frame. Took a while but did the job.

Mmmm that’s a way, but i too would like to know how to stop the sinking and rebounding, it’s super annoying.

Yeah 8(

I’m also experiencing a similar problem with walking cycles…