Trying Free Trial Again -- Couple Questions...

Hello fellow creatives, I currently don’t have the funds to get Harmony outright again but am trying out the trial, so wanted to ask a few things:

  1. If the Trial is free, should I may as well just do the full Premium version of it?

  2. Remind me the main thing(s) Essentials is missing. Please don’t say pegs (or whatever else they’re called now that enables camera pan, etc.).

  3. Is there not an actual cheap month by month plan I can try?

  4. I got a new PC-- Is it a pain to re-register or whatever to this new one? I guess not since my sub. is done now, huh?

Thanks a lot friends. Grateful for this community resource.

  1. You can try each one separately to see what they are. You do not have to choose only one.

  2. Just a few that stand out among others: Essentials does not have fancy brush options, it does not have a node system, the effects are very limited, it only has a bone deformer no curve, game or envelope deformers, it does not have the underlay layer or the overlay layer. It only has the line art layer and color art layer.

  3. The most expensive option aside from buying a permanent license is to pay month by month. You save paying for a full year all at one time. But if you only want to try it for a few months that is worth paying a higher rate for because you can discontinue it after the short period you use it. And then later if you need it for another couple of months you can subscribe for those couple of months then discontinue when finished. So if you don’t need it everyday you can access it when you do need it. You would be saving a lot of money by not paying for all the time it sits not being used. And, there is no point in owning it in the form of a permanent license when you don’t need it very often and for very long periods.

  4. “A pain” is relative. My feelings about the “Return License” process is that it is an easy process it is just impractical sometimes.

Thanks Ampy this is helpful :smiley:

About 2, Essentials only has one layer, no sublayers at all. It doesn’t have bitmap brushes or textured vector brushes, and the Pencil tool has no pressure sensitivity, so unlike other versions the Pencil is not very good for cleaning lines, except if you want a flat, uniform thickness line (you would use the Brush tool for that purpose). It only has bone deformers, but includes the game mode option. You’re also limited to export a 2K/HD file. It has only seven basic effects (like blur, glow, etc.), Advanced has 12, Premium, I’m not sure (there are 40 on the filter category, there’s much more nodes, but not all you would consider an ‘effect’, since some are used to built effects).

The comparison page at Toon Boom site was a bit more detailed a few years ago, but here it is:
One important thing missing for traditional animation is the Desk where you can work with selected drawings and use the Shift and Trace feature ( It would be nice to have a detailed comparison on the site.

Luis Canau