try version limited?

I’v been trying to work this programme out for about 4 hours and i’m getting stressed now.

  • I can’t draw in any other colour than black
  • I downloaded the minotaur animation and it says the sound wont play due to not having the correct version
  • is the try version limited in what it does?

any help would be appreciated, thanks!

just open the colors window. To add a new color press the plus icon. To adjust a color dobbleclick it. A window opens wher you can adjust that particular color. This will also affect everything you have drawn with that color. You can also create different palettes for different mood,time af day, outside inside++.

Take a quick look in the userguide and the video tutorials.

P.S Don’t make great artwork in the trial, you can’t bring it with you to the fullversion. Just try it out and play around to see if you like it.

Best regards

thanks for your reply, but no matter what colour I click on they all come out black,

I have tested this by using a specific pink on the drawing (which shows as black) then deleting that pink from the colour from my palette, and it says something like
’ your drawing contains this colour are you sure you want to delete?’

so the programme thinks it IS pink… but it isn’t.

Hi again

Could it be that you have turned on the backlight option.
Then everything show as a darkbluegrey color.
To turn of click the small icon top left corner of drawing view and go View-Backlight. Make sure there is not a chequemark beside it.

Best regards

thanks again for your reply, doesn’t seem to be that either.
this is what i’m seeing, not sure if that helps.

Hi again

That icon in top of the drawing view, number 4 from the left showing a blue lightbulb is turned on.Thats the backlight option. Click on it to turn it of.

Best regards