Truncated File

Great. Nothing better than learning the hard way.
I’ve been working on an animation for the past couple of weeks, no problems, and now I get an error message Truncated File.

One annoyance with TBS is that it is cumbersome to save a backup file. Instead of an easy option that saves a copy, I have to resave it with a new name. Usually I do that, foolishly I didn’t this time, and unlike in Adobe Premiere where there are automatic back up files made periodically, I can’t find where TBS might do such a thing.

There are many things in TBS that need to be upgraded. Besides an easy way to make a backup copy, the timeline needs to have expandable layers - especially for audio tracks.

Thankfully I animate where I render out one scene at a time, so even though I’ve lost a lot of work, I didn’t lose it all.

Though I couldn’t open the file, and some of the library also wasn’t saved, I found a slight work around if you want the original artwork.

The tbd file stands for Toon Boom Drawing. These are the actual vector drawings that you create with Toon Boom Studio. Those file cannot be opened in any way with Toon Boom Studio, they are accessed through the links contained inside the tbp file. The only way to get those files into a project, other then the one in which they were created, would be to create a second project with in which you create a drawing with the exact same name and afterward replace the newly created drawing with the one from to old project. Basically you are creating a link to a drawing file and then substituting an identically named file in its place. Be aware that this method is not the easiest one to get drawings transferred ,you should use library templates instead. This drawing substitution method is mostly used for recover drawings from corrupted projects.

At least I didn’t have to recreate the characters that were missing, though that method did NOT work with bitmaps.

Have you considered simply copying the project folder to make a duplicate or better yet, using the library to make a template that can be shared between programs?

If you are attempting to use TBS using things you have learned about Adobe Premiere, you will have a very difficult time ahead since the two programs really have very little in common, epsecially in the way they manage data. All assets imported into TBS are physically stored in the project folder structure as opposed to being linked-to as is common in video editing programs.

The truncated file message probably indicates that the project file somehow became corrupted (perhaps due to a crash, working off of a USB, external or network drive, or due to force-quiting the program while it was trying to save the project).

I had the same with my project that has been in progress for over 4 months, it has been truncated too. In the simplest of terms, how do I recover it? I’ve been on blogs reading solutions and they’re saying to get a disk recovery utility or get a hexadecimal viewer. Any tips? -thankyou

I can’t give you a general answer to this as it depends on the type of corruption and the cause. Your best bet is to contact support to have a look at your project.

The best preventive measure is always maintaining a backup made at key milestones of the project. Making a full backup would involve copying the project folder to another location on your hard drive (i.e. perhaps to a directory made for storing backup of work in progress).

hello: could you explain more in detail how linking the pictures of a truncated scene into a new scene?