Truncated File Error

Hi, I am having issues opening a project. It gives me the error message “Truncated File”. I’ve tried opening it on several computers both PC and Mac. Using v4. Any idea how/why this has happened and is there any way to recover my project?

Thanks, Jen


Truncated file usually mean that the project file is incomplete (basically the coding of the project itself ends in a location that shouldn’t be the end of the project).

Did you experience any crash or weird behavior after save? What happened between the time you have last opened the project properly and the time it no longer worked?

This situation may also happen if you transfer the file from one location to another and the project is not fully transferred. In any case there is not much that can be done if there is missing information in the project. If you still have a backup of the project you could always import the drawings in the backup.

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