True Touch SuperPen tablet OK?

Does anyone have experience using a True Touch SuperPen tablet with TBS 4.0? I want to get an inexpensive graphics tablet for a high school student to use w/ her laptop, but want to make sure it will work well w/ TBS.

Not sure what that one costs, but unless you get some very solid feedback from someone using that exact tablet w/toonboom, I’d really suggest sticking with Wacom. They are the industry standard & the only tablet manufacturer that TBS guarantees results with.

Their most basic product is the Bamboo model - around $70
Then the Graphire - around $100
Then various sizes of Intuos model, which get a little pricier. I would really recommend the Intuos though, even if you need to stick with a smaller size. I had a graphire model first but found it small & restricting, drawing never felt natural as I had to use my fingers & hand more than my whole arm. I upgraded to a 9x12 Intuous & I can’t say enough good things about it. Better pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, bigger size, just plain better. The smaller Intuous tablets have the same features, just priced according to size. The graphire model has half the pressure sensitivity & is very small, but nonetheless it’s not all bad for a beginner.

I bought that first b/c I didn’t know if I’d stick with the hobby or not, so I figured I’d put out $100 first, then a year later upgrade if I’m still into it - which I did. I think that’s a better move than buying a $500 Intuous & then loosing interest. Just my 2 cents.

Hope some of that is helpful, check out for more product details & such.

Thanks for the feedback! I have a Graphire myself, but was hoping to get something cheaper for my student. If no one responds about the SuperPen, I’ll just get a Wacom for her.