true space deformation offset

say you want to make a “true space” rendering of a street, so the street and left and right sides of buildings. but you want to make it from an existing drawing which already emulates the perspective. we have tried cutting up the original drawing in three parts accordingly and placing these three parts, bottom, left and right, pretty basic, but we were hoping that one could somehow make up for the resulting “double pespective” by deforming the picture manually - or automatically - something with an evolved concept of the “maintain size” option. no success yet.
any suggestions?

This is kind of tricky to get the perspective right when the camera is moving, due to changing perspective caused the FOV of the camera. If there is no camera movement then it should look okay. If these elements are visually far enough away from the camera it should also not play much of a role. You could perhaps use the quadmap module to regulate the perspective over time.

Generally these things require more work to have them work well when camera moves are involved so it might be more efficient to do a multiplane type of effect or to use non-perspective BG elements that you can more easily add perspective to using the perspective tool or network’s module library of effects.