trucks and zoom question

i’m trying to move two trucks on a level road that stretches to the horizon. one’s heading to the horizon, the other is heading towards the camera. each truck is drawn in a 3/4 view.

i’ve never tried the third dimension, so i’m not sure about how to do rig this.

is it really as simple as animating both on the z-axis?

this is with animate 2.

This very much depends on your scene setup.

Do you want your truck to turn? (if so you might need a couple of extra drawings which is no biggie)

If you scene is multiplane and you want it to say go over a hill and disappear and reappear on the next hill you will need to use the z-axis.

If it is just a flat image just use the scale tool.

Note: Even if you need to use the z-axis you probably need the scale tool as well to get the look you want.

thanks! i’m just playing with perspective, so this is a flat highway, no hills or turns. i’ll read up on the scale tool in the user guide.

It is part of the animate transform tool.

That is the the transform tool below the running man not the one at the top you use during drawing.

You can scale with that while animating on any object in your scene.

Basically after you have drawn your object and your making it the right size for your scene that is the transform you should be using. If your just placing deselect the animate (running man icon) if your animating make sure it is on.