Troubles with toon boom in a contact with Big Sur on Mac

I am surprised that there are not so many discussions about an important topic- toon boom does not work properly with Mac OS Big Sur! The OS has been launched like 3-4 months ago (if not longer?) and there are still many issues.

  1. My premium version has started to crash (of course never saving the project before that) with and without circumstances - sometimes it happens a few times in a line, though some days it works ok.
  2. The entire process of drawing has become extremely slow. After updating OS I had felt so desperate since the line was following the stylus with a gape of 2-4 seconds, nothing could help but only after some searches I found a super random post that “sometimes a change of workspace fastens reaction of the line”, I changed to the hand-drawn workspace and it became much faster, though if to add any extra tools or start to change the position of spaces- everything starts to slow down again. What might be the reason? The tablet does not have to do anything with it, if to make a line on the laptop straightly - it works exactly the same.
  3. The worst are attempts to draw a straight line pressing shift. If to do that than this line might take around 10-20 seconds to appear and all this long while the program kind of freezes. Just imagine everyone how much it annoys!
  4. Many other functions have started to go slow as well, such as selection, render, and I’m sure that I’ll discover only more in the next few days.

I may repeat that nowhere was written about incompatibility Big Sur with 20th toon boom premium. I have restarted the program, laptop, cleaned the disc and did a lot of aspects which could help toon boom from computer side. It is clear that now it is only the program.

If there’s anyone who somehow solved all these troubles, please help me. If you have some more random ideas how to fasten the drawing process- I would accept them with pleasure as well!

I’m having the very same problem, my Macbook (2015) started to show problems while trying to draw even a line, also preview speed has slowed down running at 10 to 12 fps when the project original fps is 24. I want to clarify that this computer has never ever shown any issues since 2015 to this date, and everything suddenly changed when I updated to Big Sur.
I’ve been trying to find help but everything I could get was something I read about Apple changing it’s hardware architecture in newer models, I suppose Big Sur is designed to run smoothly on this new computers, but they should’ve kept in mind that there’s a lot of people still using old hardware and that maybe their new iOS would bring compatibility issues making it harder to work especially with video and graphic design.

Its always a good idea to make sure the software you use the most is compatible BEFORE you upgrade to any new OS. Its common sense.

What version are you running? Toon Boom released a patch to fix Bug Sur compatibility issues on 12/21
Version 20.0.2 is the version you should be using.

Any update on this, please? It’s the reason I haven’t yet updated to Big Sur - Toon Boom products seem a little sketchy with support here.