Trouble with Wacom One tablet, pen vs mouse mode?

I’ve just started trying out Harmony on Windows, and I have a Wacom One tablet. It’s pretty small on the desk, and I have it set to ‘mouse’ mode instead of ‘pen’, this is also maybe referred to ‘relative’ mode versus ‘absolute’.

Is there a way to get Harmony to respect this setting? I would like to lift the pen off the tablet to reposition my hand without moving the drawing cursor.

Additionally, it seems like because I have the tablet set to mouse mode, there is a separate mouse cursor from the pen, so I might press down and draw, and it will draw on the canvas, but the mouse cursor will be somewhere else clicking on some random button where the drawing cursor isn’t.

I can’t expect I’m the only person that would want to use a tablet in this way?

I resolved this by disabling the Qt Wintab Tablet Support