Trouble with Pencil Line Textures and the Colour-Override Module in Harmony


I’m really hoping someone can help with this question regarding Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.2.

I’m having trouble getting the Color-Override Module to animate/modulate a Pencil Line Texture in my animation. I have a Drawing Layer drawn with the Pencil Tool with the “Grain” Pencil Texture and I’m trying to animate the Grain Pencil Texture’s position over the course of the animation but it’s doing strange things. Here is the documentation I’ve been following:

I’ve tried this two ways with the Color-Override Module - first, trying to animate the Pencil Line Texture. Next, I’ve tried to animate the Colour Fill applied to the Pencil Line. Both ways give me strange results.

Here are the steps I’m taking. Please see the attached screenshots for reference.

Adjusting the Pencil Line Texture

Image 1
My character’s head outline is drawn with the Pencil Tool with the “Grain” Pencil Texture. It’s colored with a simple black color (named “Black Lines”) in a Palette named “Mars."

Image 2
In the Node View, I add the Color-Override Module with a Peg as instructed on the Harmony support site to the correct Drawing TVG layer (RS_Head).

Image 3
In the Color-Override Window, I select the “penstyle_opacity” Palette since it contains the texture I used for the Pencil Tool. I then select the “Grain” Colour and drag it over to the “Individual Colour Overrides” section. I then select from the dropdown “Modulate Pencil Texture Colour (Replace Transformation)” and it changes my Pencil Line Texture to this “Cut Lines” type of texture.

Image 4
This new texture does animate/modulate when I move/scale the peg but it’s with this new texture.

How do I get this to work with the texture I already have applied onto my Pencil Line? The “Grain” texture?

Thank you!