Trouble with Onion Skinning Jpegs

Hi everybody,

After importing my jpeg images into TB in the Element column, I wanted to use the onion skin option so I could see how my poses lined up.

However, I was surprised to find that I wasn’t able to. Does TB only allow onion skinning on vectorized images? I would think this would be at least a basic feature…Flipbook does it with its “Stack” option.

And if so, is there an option where i can preserve the subtleties of my pencil drawing lines if I vectorize them? I clicked on “with texture,” but it did not vectorize my pencil lines and did not drop the white background.

You might try the following:

In preferences on the Light Table tab be sure that Enable Transparency and Enable Color Shading are both un-checked.

Also be sure that under the view menu that you do not have Show Outline on Onion Skinning selected.

But you also can’t use jpeg images because they don’t support alpha channels so you need to give your raster images a transparent background and save them as PNGs before importing the character or character parts into TBS.

If you need help in preparing an image with a transparent background , we can walk you through the process. The onion skinning as set up as described above works for images imported as image elements or images imported as drawing elements with Import and Vectorize with Textures. But you need to have transparent background images in the PNG format. -JK