Trouble with Inverse Kinematics

Hi again -

Since my other project wasn’t working out well, I started over with another character in attempt to learn how to do the inverse kinematics properly. I made a character out of symbols, parented them and set pivots, then set everything under a peg, however the IK tool no longer works with most of the body parts. For some reason one of the character’s legs works a bit (can rotate when I select animate and the IK tool), but the other legs show bones and pivots but when I click on them they don’t move at all.

Previously I made the same character and didn’t use symbols and the IK tool worked fine with it. I wanted to do it the right way but it’s not working as I’ve seen it on several of the video tutorials.

thanks in advance!


1) Is the bone structure appearing as designed?
2) Have you tried playing with the Inverse Kinematics tool properties?


To be honest with you, I’ve never tried to rig a character with symbols and then apply IK to it. The only difficulty I could see here is that what the IK tool does is it strings together the pivot points of the hierarchy. So you would still need to have things in a hierarchy. Perhaps the IK tool is having some trouble locating the pivot points on the symbols? I’ll have to run some tests to try this out.

To be honest with you, I would not recommend the use of symbols in this case. When you create a character with symbols, every time you want to do a new drawing, you have to go inside the symbol to create the drawing, and it’s rather a hassle. Symbols are more useful for encapsulating these kinds of looping animations like smoke effects and the such.