Trouble with free trial

Hi, everybody

I’ve a little bit of an issue in which I can’t activate my free trial. I need to use Storyboard Pro for a trial in a company and I need to send it to them for Sunday so, I’m a little bit on the deadline.
I can assure you of two things:
1)I never downloaded this software before nor other Toon Boom software
2)I never even pirated any Toon Boom software

So, I really don’t understand how this issue came to be. I hope is resolvable

Kind regards

I am having this exact issue and am supposed to start and finish a trial for an animation job tomorrow. The stress is real, and there seem to be no solutions to this problem that I’ve seen.

Additionally, I attempted to go to “activate license” and used the key for the license I have until 11 oct 22 but it gives me the same error everytime and the license seems to not activate at all.

Why is nobody including the Toonboom staff responding to this?

Try contacting with your license issues.