Trouble with Extend Exposure

When I try to extend an exposure of a drawing in the Exposure Sheet the program locks up.

Let’s say I select a drawing in my Exposure Sheet and I mouse over the bottom of the drawing box to get the double-arrow mouse cursor that indicates that I can drag the exposure over a number of frames. When I click so-as to drag the exposure out the program fails to drag-out the exposure and no matter what mouse button I click or keyboard button I press the mouse cursor does not return to a standard cursor. What’s more, I cannot close the program, minimize, or do any other function with the mouse. However, if I ctrl-alt-delete the mouse cursor returns to the standard state as if nothing had occured. This problem occurs whether I use the mouse or the tablet.

I am using a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet with the latest drivers and a logitech mouse.

Well, I haven’t used the mouse for years, only the pen that came with my Intuos 2.
So far dragging the drawings “with the double arrow” in the exposure-sheet
in any direction works beautifully in TB Studio.

Just to make sure, I just plugged my old mouse in, and that works fine as well.
Have you tried the pen ? does that make a difference, maybe there is an issue
with the logitech-mouse.
Using TBS V 3.0.1 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.7


Thank you for your response.

I guess I wasn’t clear. When I referred to the tablet, and how the problem occurs whether I use the mouse or the tablet, I meant that the problem occurs whether I use the mouse or the pen-on-the-tablet. And when I referred to the mouse-cursor I meant the cursor that is on the screen when one uses the pen-on-the-tablet.