Trouble with Exporting Video.

Need some help.
I am trying to export some test animations, I’m trying to get a feel for the new program and I’ve noticed something very weird (I am doing all projects in the HDTV setting at 24fps). When I export the video with the Animation Compression setting I get a ghosting effect on objects that intersect with each other. Other objects that have glow effects on them such as a rising moon get this weird pulse to the glow layer as it travel across the sky. When I export in Apple Pixlet Compression these issues either go away completely or are very minimized. But I’d like to export in Animation Compression since it looks the best and seems to be the most friendly towards playing back on my computer (I have a New Macbook Pro 2.53gh 4gigs of Ram and a NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512mb card) . I have circled (poorly) the ghosting/problem in question. Thanks
You can see the lines trailing the spotlight of the helicopter.
Again the spotlight glow effect is ghosting and you see the buildings ghosting as well.
More distortion on buildings. These buildings along with the helicopters were set up in a multiplane sequence if that may be causing the issue.

The mutliplane should not affect the result at all.

It’s hard to see on my screen what you are talking about in the buildings. I can see a banding in the floodlight though.
I think this is related to the compression codec. Try to output as a sequence of Images instead of a Movie just to see if it’s related to compression. I think even Animation does some compression. Then try to do a movie of one frame (Animation comp) to see if it does the banding. If it doesn’t do it in a single image movie it seems to point toward the compression codec that remembers the previous frames to optimize size.

Ah-ha. Thanks Steve, I tried several different methods and through an accident found the culprit causing the ghosting issue. I did what you suggested and got no ghosting! So I went back to the Animation compression to try it a couple frames at a time. In doing so, I disabled the insert keyframe (every so often) function in the video option screen and that fixed the problem. There must be an issue with the compression codec when you have it insert keyframes at specific intervals. After disabling that button the file sizes increased from around 6.7 Mbps to 11.2 Mbps which substantially increases the size of the file, but hell, it works now. Thanks for the help.