Trouble with export in SWF (Animate Pro 2)

Hello here,

I am a beginner in Animate Pro 2…
I have a problem, and I hope you can help me to solve it :

I have a scene, with 5 or 6 layers, all with the “enable 3D” option selected. I give to each element differents Z properties.
I also have a Camera ( 3D enable too ) , and I rotate it into my scene.

When I render this scene, in my SWFfile, my elements seem to have some trouble to be aligned like in ToonBoon, They don’t really have the same orientation, and have trouble with the original perspective.

How comes ??
(I join a file to illustrate my problem : on the top, it’s the view I have in ToonBoom, and this is what I want to get / on the bottom, the result with SWF Export : For example the word EEEEEE on the top of the scene is different to the word in Tooboom. )
Can you explain me how to solve it ?

Thanks a lot !

The way works for 3D peg (including camera) in Animate Pro is tweeking the bitmap image while rendering it. However when you are exporting it in SWF, those information can not be delivered in SWF formation since there is no bitmap involved but converting from Toon Boom vector files to SWF vector files directly, thus no 3D camera (object) is supported for SWF export. If you are using animate 2, you can try exporting .FLV (Flash movie format). If you want SWF format, you can first export them in sequence of images. And then reimport back them all in new scene. And then export SWF format again. The file size will be larger than normal SWF due to bitmap but this can be another alternate way.