Trouble with cell names in Drawing View

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I posted this in the Drawing view topic, but it goe no love there, so I figured I’d repost here in the big leagues.

Here’s my sitch: I recently started using TBS 6.0 - previously i was using TBS 4.5. I’m having trouble with the cell naming when copying and pasting in the Drawing view and am hoping someone can help.

In TBS 4.5, when I copied and pasted cells in drawing view, the pasted cells would maintain the same name. So if i wanted to cyle something i could easily tell what the cells were, since it be named as for example: Cell-1, Cell-2, Cell-1, Cell-2, Cell-1, Cell-2, etc

However, now when I copy and paste the pasted cell is automatically given a new name, so the series above, even though it is the same two cells repeating would read as: Cell-1, Cell-2, Cell-3, Cell-4, Cell-5, Cell-6, etc

That makes it very difficult to keep track of the cells and I am finding it to be a major distraction and disruption to my workflow. Is there any way to set the preferences back so that it works as it did in 4,5 (ie, cells that are copied and pasted within the same element maintain the same cell name)? Or, how can i do that? Any help will be much appreciated!


Do they still have Toon Boom employees who monitor these forums to help? I’m really at a loss and frustrated. Is this a bug? Or is there a workaround?

Any other Toon-Boomers having this problem?


This seems to be a problem with the pasting in Exposure Sheet. It is a new bug that had not been found. We will look into fixing this bug.

Until we are able to fix it, you can use the Timeline since it looks like the problem does not affect it.


Thanks Simon.
I’ll try timeline or revert back to TBS 4.5.

What would be the best way to monitor when the bug is fixed - just check back here?

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You can check back here and I will post when a new build is available for download.


Any updates or eta for a fix on this bug?


Here is a quick work around for you until you get the updated software. Instead of copying and pasting cells in the exposure sheet just move to the desired frame and type in the cell name, actual in most cases you just need to type the number of the cell you want assigned to that exposure. I’m not saying this is a fix but it should allow you to work around the issue and start using version 6. Hope this helps -JK

Hey just checking in again - any ETA on a fix to this bug? I appreciate the work around but Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V just works better for workflow. Thanks!

What is the version of Toon Boom Studio that you currently have installed?
Help > About please include what you see in the brackets.

I have Toon Boom Studio v6.0 - any advisement to fix would be appreciated. I haven’t been able to use my 6.0 since I bought it since this bug is fundamental to workflow. Thanks!

Please send an email to

Include the version of TBS 6 that you have.

You can find the information from the Toon Boom Studio’s top menu:

Help > About and please include what you see in the brackets.

In your email, kindly detail the steps you take to reproduce the issue.