Trouble with blinking eye in cut-out animation


I’ve set up a character to try some lip sync and eye movements. Now, the character should blink, but I’m having a little trouble here. In the tutorial that I followed it was done like this: In the first frame the eyes are open. In the second frame you draw a line for the eyelid, but just a little bit. In the third frame you pull the line further down. In the next frame you pull it even further down. And so on. Until the eye is closed.

But what happens is this: In TBS, the character’s eyes are open in the first frame. Now I draw the line for the lid in the second frame. But every single frame adopts my first eyelid drawing. Meaning, if I have 30 frames and I draw a half closed eyelid in the second frame, there is a half closed eyelid on all of the 30 frames. How can I draw individual lines in different cells, so that not every cell is effected by it?

Edit: I should add that the tutorial was for Flash´.

Okay, sorry for the question. I know now what I did wrong. In case someone else is stumbling about a similar problem: I went to the last frame and expended the exposure. It obviously only works if you just draw, without creating cells first. Toon Boom does this by itself.