Trouble with Action Template


Could anybody shed any light on a slight issue I’m having with Action Templates on Animate 2, please?

I’ve created a photo puppet and saved it as a template. Then I’ve created a new scene, imported the puppet template and made a 20 frame run cycle for it. I’ve then dragged the 20 frames from the timeline into the template area to save it as an Action Template.

The problem I’m having is that I’m unable to drag it back from the template area into the right side of the timeline to add the frames - even if I try dragging it straight back into the scene on top of the layer I’ve just created it from (so I can be sure it’s the same heirarchy). I can drag it to the left side of the timeline and the character and 20 frames of running appear as a new layer - then I can copy and paste the frames over the original and it works fine… but I’m not sure why I can’t drag it direct to the right side of the timeline in order to just add the 20 frames I’ve saved?

The puppet consists of various symbols and drawing layers all attached to their own peg, no effects anywhere inside. Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit - just to add that the reason I can’t drag it to the right hand side is that I get the ‘barred sign’ on the mouse pointer so it won’t let me drag it there. I only get the option to drop it on the left side and create a new layer.


Email sent. Thanks :slight_smile:

The only reason that you can get a barred sign is if the structure is not the same on the source and on the destination.

When you create your action template, you should first create a master template that you create by dragging the layers from the left hand side into your library. Then you can drag and drop the action template onto this master.

However in your case you said you were just trying to drag and drop the action template back onto exactly the same place you saved it from and this wasn’t working.

I’d recommend emailing so they can take a look at your scene file and see if there’s anything different or special about your scene.