Trouble understanding how to connect layers with kinematic output

Sorry, I am a noob to TB. I have been working for a few hours on a tutorial that teaches simple character rigging. While the tutorial had one layer for an arm I actually did what I usually do in Moho which is to draw hand, forearm, bicep and shoulder all in different layers. Next, I put in bones. I tried to connect each layer to the one above it by using kinematic output, thinking that it would create hierarchy. Well, If I am doing it right I don’t think I am doing it right because it’s just keep coming out wonky.
Was it a mistake to split the arm up into different layers in the first place? In TB is it easier to not do that?
Is it an issue with the rigging, perhaps? I realize it’s a tough thing to answer without looking at it.

So, I am going to go on with the rest of my day and try again tomorrow. Any suggestions are really, really appreciated. Thanks everyone so much.