Trouble setting pivot-point on "Drawing layer Pegs"


Im trying to rig my first character in Animate. But when I try to do as the Rigging video tutorial shows and copy the upperarm pivot-point from its cell and paste it on the parent-drawing-peg-layer using the “paste special” function, the pivot point dosn’t get placed correctly.

Why is that? :frowning:

At first the pivot point didnt change at all, but I think that was because at the time I was using pegs instead of “drawing layer pegs”

Is it possible that you’ve moved the position of the pivot with the Rotate tool? The Rotate Tool moves the pivot for the entire layer, and the Pivot tool moves the pivot for just that drawing, but if you change both, they add on to each other.

Check out the Tip of the Week series on Pivots and see if that helps: