Trouble rendering movie with imported images

Hi everyone!
I am using Storyboard Pro 2 and I’m having some issues trying to export out an animatic of my storyboard project. A lot of my backgrounds are jpgs that I imported into the project as separate layers. However, when I try to export a movie, I get error messages like the following:

-Could not complete reading from file: C:/folder/Draw-BackgroundImage.tvg

An animatic will sometimes render out but some of the scenes will be missing their backgrounds. I tried making sure the images were saved in a nearby folder. I even tried initially importing them into the library but the library seems to empty itself every time I open the project again.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


How are you importing and using images in the program? Normally the source images should be located within the project’s folder structure. The software does not support replacing actual files with shortcuts pointing to versions of the files stored in other locations.

I was having similar problems when using jpeg files in my project. I tried this and was able to successfully export a movie:

In preferences, go to Import/Export. In the box labled “Import Images” make sure the top square for “Auto Premultiply Imported Image by Alpha Channel” is checked off.

Good luck!