Trouble rendering from TBS

Overall, I’m getting some good results from my first Toon Boom project.

However, some of my scenes get hung up during rendering. I’m exporting 1280 x 720 PNG image sequences. Sometimes the renders get partway done and then just sit there. So I’m left wondering – will it ever get past 12 percent (or 13% or 18% or whatever)? Eventually I hit ctrl alt delete to crash the program.

The partially rendered sequences are usable, so I do another partial render after that. It can take up to four renders to do an entire 10 second sequence.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Too many camera moves? Too many large raster files? I have TGA backgrounds in every scene. Sometimes I put TGA’s on multiple layers. These files can get large, between 30 mb and 50 mb. I could compress them, but I’ve been advised to avoid using JPG’s because compression is a bad idea for image quality.


When you are doing renders what is mostly taken in consideration is Ram, virtual memory and processor speed. You can check the status of your memory usage by looking in the task manager in the performance tab.

If you see that the CPU Usage and the PF hit maximum you might get some crash. You could increase the virtual memory of your machine to avoid this situation but in any case if your render is too heavy you might still get to the maximum.

Another thing you might want to check is the size report of the quick preview (Enter key). This will let you know how much size is each frame. As you mentioned having such big bitmap files might be in cause too. While jpg format might have low quality you might want to opt add some compression to tga and png files to lower the file size.

In any case hope this will be helpful to you.