trouble importing a sound file

I’m trying to import some dialogue, but the sound file is blank when I import it to harmony. I’ve tried it in different formats, wav, mp3 with the same result. The sound works fine in quicktime though. Is there something I’m not doing right? Help would be appreciated. Hopefully I’m just being an idiot.

Make sure there are no spaces, accented characters or special characters in the name of the audio file. Check the project’s “sound” folder and delete the audio file if it’s in there.

If you continue to have problems, contact support.

Thanks. My problem is solved.

Hello, the said solution that has been posted wouldn’t work on mine. :((

I’ve tried all the solutions that I had found on the internet but still, the imported Sound shows no waves and stays flat (No sound when Playing).
Been trying to solve this by the past 3 days. I’m using windows 8 64 bit, but I think my OS isn’t causing this.

The solutions that I have tried were;
Deleting audio files on ToonBoom Temp.
Adding this files into TB bin,
And doing Uninstall-Install.

I had the same trouble, I solved it by installing quicktime which i had declined during the install.

Just FYI…

Yup, that’s what I did but still doesn’t fix the problem. Until I did this today!

So I reinstalled my TB, again… Instead of just clicking the scene file which has the TB icon, directly without opening TB itself (the program)…I Run it as Admin, then open the scene file. I don’t really know what causes it to not function well but after this the sound file now don’t show as a straight line but with sound waves and does plays sound.

After this I don’t even need to Run TB as admin again, by opening the scene file directly works fine.