Trouble exporting swf :(

Heya I’m really new to Harmony and animation in general but am having an issue when trying to export a swf. I made a short slide show using imported images and .mov files. Everything’s great until I export as a swf, it’s just a black screen yet in Toon boom it looks all perfect in both render view and opengl view. The only thing that actually shows up in the exported swf, are the converted movs at their correct place on the timeline :frowning: Again really newbie to this. I’ve had this issue before even when I animate with imported image file :frowning: Any help is appreciated thanks! (Oh, I’m using harmony advanced if that helps)

Most special effects are not available in Flash so try disabling them to see it that’s the cause.
Keep in mind also that if your slideshow is made up of bitmap images, then there’s really
no benefit to exporting to Flash.

Make sure there is a background (color card) because the default background will show
black where there is no image (transparency).

I have also the same issue and I don’t understand…everything is black when I export but the SWF previsualisation work, and it is a simple animation so I don’t understand. And it is important to me to keep the transparency ! And only the SWF can keep that transparency.