Trouble exporting and importing Toon Boom brushes?

I’m trying to export the dozens of Brushes I created in SB Pro 2, and import them into the newly purchased SB Pro 4.1. When I exported the brushes from SB2, it saved them as an .xml file, but when I try to import them into SB Pro 4.1, the .xml file will not show up in the import file selection window….I just get a blank window with clickable radio buttons. Make sense? It would be nice if it was as simple as Photoshop brush importing, as I do not wish to recreate all of these brushes on my time/dime! Any help, greatly appreciated!

I assume you are talking about the brush preset in version 2. The main difference between version 2 and 4 as for the brush preset is in version 2, it was considered as brush set but in version 4, it is considered as tool preset. So if you want to import brush preset in version 4, you need to import them in tool preset from Windows>toolbars>Tool Preset. And then click little gear icon in Tool preset toolbar to import files from version 2. I think it confuses the user due to the new feature that can import also brush style in brush Tool properties which did not exist in version 2.