Trouble copying and pasting within drawings in Harmony 11

Is anybody else having issues with screwy copying and pasting when using the drawing select tool? I can select something and try and copy and paste it to another drawing. Sometimes (seldom) it works. Sometimes it pastes nothing. Sometimes it pastes it smaller and in a different place. Sometimes it pastes a key in the timeline when I haven’t even selected the timeline!
I have tried changing between drawing and camera views.
I have tried using my mouse instead of my tablet pen.
It is really slowing down my productivity. Had no problems with this in Animate Pro…

From your description you are probably copying and pasting in a different context. You should contact support to have a look at how you are doing things so that they can advise you of a better way of copying pasting stuff.

Harmony is highly context-sensitive so it is easy to sometimes make mistakes by confusing the context (for example copying the cel instead of the vectors in the cel).

I meant the vectors within a cel. I am Harmony proficient and have used this software since 2010 and haven’t had this problem before. I believe it to be a legitimate Harmony 11 bug.
The program even sometimes copies/pastes the cels in the timeline instead of the vectors within a drawing when I haven’t even selected the timeline and when repeating a vector copy/paste action exactly as I have successfully other times.
I will contact support as I have other issues with the drawing in Harmony 11