Trouble adding deformation to imported AI elements

So I did some deformation testing on some bitmaps last week but now I’m bringing a model built in illustrator and the deformation tools don’t seem to be working. I built all my layers and now when I try to apply deformation to, for example, the body I can see my controls but when I try to move them around the image doesn’t come with it. I’m doing it exactly the same way I did with the bitmap so I’m not sure what the big difference is. I thought it might be because I had multiple shapes on the body layer but then I tried it on the eyebrow and a strand of hair (simple shapes) and got the same result. I’m hoping I’m just missing something because if I can’t do this to Illustrator pieces then I’m gonna have to go a different route.

After a few days of back and forth with support we have a solution! The problem wasn’t that my pieces weren’t animating, it was that the animation wasn’t showing up in OpenGL mode - when i switched over to Render you could see the results of the deformation. So, once we turned off Realtime antialiasing in Preferences/OpenGL and turned on Full Scene Antialiasing then I was able to see the change in OpenGL. The only issue is that Full Scene atialising looks as though I have no antialiasing at all (animation Atari-style!) - not that big a deal for what I’m doing right now, but if I do any drawing then I’ll probably switch back and forth. Hope that helps anybody that might be having the same problem.

They work on bitmaps and vectors, whether drawn in Harmony or imported in. I uploaded a quick test to YouTube to show me importing a CS4 AI file and then applying a simple deformer to it.

What’s your method?


Thanks for posting your feedback here! Probably the reason I didn’t see this was that I never work with antialiasing on. I find that the performance is more efficient working with it off, although the full-scene does work quite well. You can adjust the settings on your graphics card (on windows) or adjust the amount in the Prefs (on mac) to make the full-scene antialiasing look better.