Trim border of character (composite)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do something in Harmony but not ure if it’s possible.
I get close to my goal but not close enough.

My characters lines at the exterior should be trimmed while keeping the ones overlapping fills.
Those lines are drawn in the line-art layer accordingly.

Using a clone of my character - with layer selector node put on “read colour art” then masking my original with that I can trim the lines a bit. But not completely. The transition of lines where it overlaps and not is too crude too… (see attachment)

Any ideas or tricks are welcome… or any completely other solution.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Pieter!

I’ve included below a little example of how to achieve the sort of effect you’re looking to achieve.

I’ve used two drawing layers and separated the line from the colour art on each of those using the different layer selector nodes. I am then cutting the line by the colour of the other, and then inverting my cutter so that the line will remain visible only within the object.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Genevieve,

Thanks for your reply.

Your setup is the same as the one I used. Only difference is that I use the same composite to extract the color art as the the line art. Probably it’s there that’s the problem as pencil lines and fills overlap a bit so with cutter it doesn’t cut the whole width of the line.

If there was a way to interpret “all art layers as colour art” and cut with that, that should do the trick… do you know of a way, or a node for that?

Thanks again,

Perhaps one thing you could try is to create a custom pencil line in which the art will be on the exterior? I’ve updated the file to show the same idea. :slight_smile:

That might work Genevieve. But could be a bit too tricky to work with when several animators are on the project. not sure yet. I’m gonna put the problem aside for a while and keep your suggestion in mind. Big thanks!!

Ok, keep in mind you can copy and paste that line and use it as the default line setting as well. All you need to do is create a preset with that style of line, and draw with it right away as you create your asset. :slight_smile: Could be an idea, but it does require a bit more attention.

Thanks for the info, I checked with the director and it seems to be more of a luxury. The result of showing all the lines looks good enough (for now :slight_smile:
Thanks again!!!