Trick or Treat!

My wife made these for our friends we are going to see tomorrow, I thought I share them with you, as they look just great! :stuck_out_tongue:

Halloween mice

Awesome, what program did she do it in?

I am pretty sure it is just a photo since she is giving them to a friend :slight_smile:

:smiley: yes they are real and soft and light and lovely. I thinking of doing stop motion soon. I know where to go for character designs, that’s for sure. Although a good flexi armature is really expensive here in UK is it the same in Australia?

stop motion seems like a lot of work.

You can be assured if it is expensive in the uk, it is probably expensive in Australia. There aren’t many things that cheaper in Australia.

Those are really neat! How does she make them? My wife goes crazy for things like that.

Thanks for the comment Bishmart, she will be pleased. As far as I know she hand knits them and puts the wire inside so they could stand.